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I do agree. Toyota designed these trucks to work any place on Earth. Fix what's broke and go from there, they are not hard or expensive to rebuild. Plus do a coolant flush and fill if you haven't in a while and clean out of the bugs and sticks from the radiator. You might have too much coolant and not enough water in the mix. Anti-freeze is not particularly good as coolant.

I should say that when we stick bumper and winches in front of the radiators that can make a difference, but especially yours comes with optional factory and dealer bull bars and winches, so a functioning cooling system should be fine. I'm also not a fan of relying on add-ons for such a crucial thing as cooling, particularly electric fans. OTOH, when I put the ARB on my truck I actually fight with it running too cool, sometimes on long descents my temp needle drops to cold. It's got two vents under the winch that are supposed to help direct air to the radiator when driving across the Outback and they seem to do their job well.
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