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Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
So after tossing around a couple of options, I landed on renting a Home Depot flat bed and transporting that log up to the sawmill myself. Luckily, my yard is about 1' higher than the bed of the truck, so I just backed the truck up and yanked the log forward a little at a time until I had it in the bed.
The sawmill was pretty cool to watch, and they had my tree cut up into 2x9 planks pretty quickly while I waited. I drove back, unloaded, returned the truck, and all in it cost me less than what he would have charged just to drive the mill down to me.

And your mill is much nicer being full hydro and with an auto loader. They had two kids that had to wrangle the log onto the mill and then hand beat these tangs in each time they repositioned it. I think your machine would have produced the same cuts in a 1/3 of the time.
Looks good. Lots of character in aromatic red cedar.
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