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Default Suggestions for wood bed and sealer

I'm building a 64 Chevy 4x4 short bed, step side pick up. I am doing a full frame off resto-mod and I am now working towards the bed part of the project. I won't be using the bed for anything that should damage it, that's what the $19 truck rental at Home Depot is for. At the same time, I am not building a show truck either, it will be my daily and occasional tow rig for the 40. I want something that has a deep wood grain and I will be using polished 'rub strips' and the inside/front of the bed sides will be clad in bright (polished) aluminum diamond lots of shine/reflection going on back there.
First question, southern yellow pine or oak floor? All the bed kits available are one or the other. The pine is substantially less in cost than the oak. When I think pine, I think of a pretty soft wood that could be easily damaged/marred. When I think oak, I think furniture and not really suited for exterior there's my quandary.
Next question, no matter which wood I use, what is the best product to seal it with? I want something that will last, be Colorado uv protected and will be ok parked outside. There's lots of products out there but I don't want any regrets by cutting corners here.
There maybe other forums to ask this but I keep recalling what Nakman said at a meeting earlier this year about utilizing the knowledge and expertise within our here I am!
Thanks for any input!
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