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Originally Posted by azrider View Post
so what do you guys think? buy the winch for $900, add a synthetic rope and hawse fairlead for $250-300, which comes out to be about $1150-1200. Or should I buy a Zeon 10-s for $1150 plus tax(where I have to relocate the solenoid but comes with synthetic line), or a brand new 9.5 XP-s for $1549 plus tax(which fits perfect and comes with synthetic line). Is it a big deal if the winch has been mounted awhile, perhaps been subject to snow and rain inside, or such a great deal because it looks new and the owner says its never been used. What would you guys do?
I know zero about Zeon winches so no help there...It would be a lot different if you could see this winch in person. It "seems" like a good deal...Not a screaming deal but if it were it would probably already be long gone...

IMO it isn't a big deal that the winch has been mounted and subject to the elements...They are designed to be out in the elements (even though I keep mine covered - but that is mostly to keep the UV off the syn line). But like Zepp said...if the seller claimed the winch was brand new and never mounted then it would appear his misrepresented what he had or tried to oversell it. If he never said it was never mounted but just that it was unused then eh, I could believe that. It isn't like the cable forms to the drum so the minute you unmount a winch the cable starts getting all squirrely and personally you don't much care about the cable.

In the end it comes down to how much peace of mind $350 more and brand new would buy you? If that used winch needs nothing but to be mounted and syn line spooled on then bonus...If you need to tear it apart and do a rebuild then suddenly it isn't such a great deal anymore...

I'll just say again that from what I've seen winches tend to hold there value pretty well and it is amazing how much even really crappy looking winches sell for...I've seen some that look like they've been sitting at the bottom of a mud pit listed for $500...don't know if they sold for that but you never know
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