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I'm thinking the oak that they sell is white oak. From what I know of wood, red oak would not be appropriate, as you point out.
Travis, the easiest way to 'shave' is to have a donor door that you can cut patches from. It saves a ton of time and effort shaping new steel. So, here's my question, do you know if the 69 is significantly different than a 64 in terms of door sheet metal shape? I have several doors here, along with a ton of extra parts, that I am hauling to the crusher in a week or so. If you need anything that will fit a 69, you are welcome to it. I just don't know what carries over from 64 and what you might need. I need to make some room in the garage for the 40 hard top before the trek to Moab, so I will be hitting the scrap yard in the next couple of weeks. 3.5 car garage full of Chevy truck and no room for anything else!
Thanks for the input everyone. I hadn't thought about a marine sealer, sounds like it might be just the ticket. Im leaning toward the oak kit and when/if its time to replace it again, I can use it as a template on some other type of wood.
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