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Alright, call me Feng Shui of the Baofeng. I've spent the past 2 hours downloading drivers, software, and then hand entering about 50 channels into the Baofeng programming software. The positive is, I got it to finally work! I also ordered my own cable, which means I can give Brad's back..

So in channels 1-5 I have the RS simplex frequencies. In channels 6-10 I have a few of the more common local repeaters- 145.145, 145.460, and 147.225, also the 145.310 (Boulder/Denver area) and 145.355 (Grand Junction) Colorado Connection machines.

I left some space for others.. .then in 25-39 I put all of the Cruise Moab simplex frequencies. I didn't double up on the ones already captured in 1-5.

Left some more space, and then in 50-71 entered all of the USA FRS channels. I also defaulted that output power to LOW, keeping you on the straight & narrow.

Scanning takes about 10-12 seconds to get through the entire loop. Which means you should be able to hear your buds, hear the other runs, and hear the kids & quads, all with the touch of a button. And best part according to the forums I read tonight, the same software and driver should also work with the UV-3's, as I was only uploading both of my UV-5R's tonight with good success, my UV-3 won't be here until next week most likely as I cheaped out on the shipping. but I'll test this on a 3 as soon as one hits my hand.

I'll bring it all to Ham & Eggs this Saturday, hope to be there by 11:00, need to leave by 1:00, but it takes about 1 minute to dump the data once the laptop is fired up. Good times..
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