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Negatory on the FT-2900 Red Leader. The club has a couple of FT-2800s so maybe we have software or at least the cable. I'll check and see, if I can come up with it I'll bring it along.

The software and cable:

RT Systems is here in Colorado now, so an order comes the next day (or same day if you pick it up in Broomfield). I don't have a FT-2800 or FT-2900 otherwise I would buy it.

Edit to add:
I can probably also program VX-2, VX-5 and FT-60 HTs and there is a fair chance I might also be able to handle FT-7800 and FT-8900 (I have the cables). I could also do the FT-1802 and FT-2800, UV-3R and UV-5R if we have or find cables for them.

I have the CHIRP software, which is an open source GNU programming platform that attempts to move towards a unified programmer with vendor specific drivers. In my experience it has mixed results but I'm willing to try cloning if you are.
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