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Default LED Off-Road Lights? Better than Hella's?

Since I installed my new bumper on my 40, I have been debating reinstalling my Hella 4000's. I love the lights, they are super bright, I did install the upgrade 200 watt version bulbs IIRC. They really really throw with great spill. My only complaint is they are the size of a dinner plate and take away from the classic look of the 40 up front.

I have been eye balling some of the newer LED off road lamps, both the bars and the lamp housings. I am just wondering if they produce the same throw? My old school training tells me the bigger the reflector (diameter) the more throw the light has... does this hold true with LED's that are out there now?

I have been looking at one of those new LED light bars that are about 14" wide and two rows of LED's, I have been thinking about how clean it would look in front of my 8274 winch on the mounting plate... it would almost disappear in that spot. Something like this...

I have my lamps wired into my brights and that's how I typically use them... spotting elk and deer at night on the roads. I don't wheel at night for the most part... I barely wheel

I am most likely going to add a few tractor worklights I have laying around like "rock lights" on the drivers side, but for now I am trying to decide what to do about reinstalling my Hella's or selling them to fund a new set of the LED's.

Thoughts? Where to buy? What to be looking for?
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