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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Do these radios transmit on FRS?

And you as good hams know that this is frowned upon, legally at least.
Yes, and yes. Legal to monitor, but illegal to transmit. One of the many features of this radio. I defaulted the power down to "low" for the FRS channels, just to get closer to legit, but it's still too high by FCC standards. Here's your power output:

Power output VHF:
136.000 MHz: High=3.4 Watts, Low=1.6 Watts
155.000 MHz: High=4.0 Watts, Low=1,75 Watts
175.000 MHz: High=3.8 Watts, Low=1,8 Watts
Power output UHF
400.000 MHz: High=3.0 Watts, Low=1,75 Watts
440.000 MHz: High=3.1 Watts, Low=1.1 Watts
480.000 MHz: High=2.3 Watts, Low=1.0 Watts

Here are your rules from the FCC, where you can learn that the limit is .5 watts:

And more to the point on band plans, and a more serious issue IMO, is that these can also allow transmitting outside the normal 2m band plan for amateurs. Which means you could interfere with police, fire, other emergency channels. One would think it's only a matter of time before the big clamp comes down on the import here, and in the mean time partially why I'm stock piling a couple of these. Not that I want that function, more because I just want a cheap HT for legit purposes- but that's a much more serious deal here, and to transmit on those channels, even accidentally, goes directly against one of the fundamentals of amateur radio. Be careful.
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