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Originally Posted by Telly View Post
I think I remember some camping spots along the road on my way to Rusty Nail and Metal Masher a few years ago. Do you recall about how many miles or how long it takes to get to the camp spots off the highway?
The turnoff to the left is just before Gooneybird...maybe 15 minutes from the highway or so?? There are 6 sites, relatively far away from each other...great area to explore, it is a completely enclosed dead-end canyon. There are a couple of 'hidden' arches, and at the end of the canyon there is a rock formation that looks like a bride. Plus you are so close to everything else up there, I love camping there. Just a ways off the main road, and sucks to get all the way up there and find the sites are all taken....but I don't think I have ever had that happen...
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