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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
That is a great spot Nakman, opposite the BFE entrance road. Basically, instead of turning left off of the highway to BFE you turn right, meander back a bit and wallah.. the road takes you to a beautiful open prairie lots of spots there, might be best up against the rocks for wind resistance. It is not BLM land but Utah state land, nonetheless free camping is allowed.
Are you thinking of Behind the Rocks, that is BLM land with some private property dispersed on the north side of Bridger Jack Mesa (south of the BTR road). Remember during the 24 Hours how they told you not to camp past the markers? That's because the people up there would get upset and complain to the BLM. I find it's usually better to drive past that valley (where the 24 Hours base was, if I'm thinking of the same place you are) and camp along the road. It's a little quieter since it's tougher to pull big trailers any further as they don't maintain the road beyond those properties.
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