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I will be there as close to 9AM tomorrow as I can and will plan to stay until 1PM. After party at Big Choice, so if you come late and no one's at the first location go to the fall back position. Tunes and fixes done at BCB enjoy no warranty protection. :-)

Simplex talk in will be 147.420MHz (Rising Sun #3).

Backup will be 147.540MHz (RS #4).

Repeater will be the 147.225MHz/+0.600/107.2Hz CRA machine since it's linked to 145.460/-0.600/107.2Hz in Boulder, 145.160MHz/-0.600/107.2Hz in the Springs.

Backup will be 145.145/-0.600/107.2Hz.

CB is channel 4

Backup will be channel 3.

If anyone wants to try UHF, I usually monitor the RMRL repeater at 449.450MHz/-5.0/103.5Hz but this will be on a secondary basis, no promises.
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