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LOL! People have been complaining about the increasing crowds in Moab for decades. My first trip there was 1992, we road tripped from Cape Girardeau, MO in one shot, rode 2 days and turned around and hammered back for mid terms. Back then there was a mine tailings pile behind McDonald's that was probably low level radioactive and people were saying the same things, how it was getting too popular, ruined by all the hippie cyclists and climbers.
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I need to catch up with you sometime and look at a map, sounds like you have some gems to camp there. I was told by the BLM that that valley was Utah State lands.. But maybe I or the BLM were not in sync..

That area that is flat and open, where the 24 hour participants camp is the area I was referring to.
Yup, we are thinking of the same place. The race was permitted by the BLM since most of the BTR is BLM, but you might very well be right about there being state land trust property back there as well. I'm pretty sure about there being little pieces of private property tucked up by those bluffs, too.
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