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Comcast is consistently rated the worst company in America according to some survey that releases annually a week or so ago. For what it's worth, I think Qwest would give them a run for their money if they were big enough to rate on a national level (maybe if they sucked less).

If you're in Boulder, Indra's Net is contemplating installing a WiMax setup to serve at least part of the city. Based solely on the technology, it looks like the speeds will be better and the service more consistent. When I called the president of the company answered the phone, was honest (they didn't offer the service I needed, but had some lesser service, but didn't feel it would suit my needs), and it was genuinely like talking to another human being (you know, the antithesis of the other two). I am in no way affiliated with them, I just want them to install the hardware so there's a third option that DOESN'T suck for my office when I get it set up down there. If you're in Boulder, give them a call and a nudge and hopefully it comes to fruition.
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