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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
So I'm talking on the 145.145 today on my way home. The QSO started out with the Baofeng, but the gentleman with whom I spoke gave me a very weak signal report, so I then switched the HT off and continued the conversation on the mobile rig. To start, I vowed to change the default power on the local repeaters from "low" to "high," which I have just completed.

the other tip I received was a free software called Chirp. check out where I also downloaded it. This software appears to be far and away superior to the pseudo-Chinese UV-5R_newold program from Baofeng. For one I can export the file now to .csv, which means I'm a save away from an .xls file, I'll post that here.

the other thing I was able to do was toggle on "dual watch" function, which makes the dual band radio actually behave like a dual band radio, picking up from both channels yet giving priority to the one you're selected to transmit on. I tried to get that working from the menu setting in the radio, and it just wasn't doing it, so happy to force that through the software.

We'll see if I learn any more tricks tomorrow night..
Guessing I can down load this to my 3R also?
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