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Steve we're doing the grunt work here so once you pass that Technician's test you can just flip it on and press the easy button. There are some fundamentals that you must learn, but the detailed rigors of programming shouldn't be one of them right off the bat, IMO.

My quick soap box is everyone should know how to set a repeater in manually, and how to get to those menu options. You should be able to access the Colorado Connection. And you should be able to read a repeater handbook from a foreign land (like Utah) and dial up & key in on a now local repeater. This ability not only proves your manly geekness, but could ultimately be the difference between just a long day and a much longer extended camping trip, depending on the situation- one of the core benefits that drives so many people to this hobby.

Go rent 127 hours, then imagine if that guy had passed a $14 test, and tossed a $40 radio in his backpack already programmed to the Hanksville repeater, what a difference that would have made for him (maybe even a better movie). Just swap out pinched arm and replace with fried ECU, broken U Joint, kid with allergic reaction, etc. until it feels relevant. Well after tomorrow, at least one of those will be true for you- I stuck the Hanksville & Moab repeaters in the programming. All you need to do is pass a quick test and there's a big world of benefit out there.
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