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Looks like we're about to wrap this up. Thanks for all who participated. Our totals are $50 per pair. I'm willing to just pay the total upfront via Paypal. The total for each including Paypal fees and shipping is $53.35. If you bought 2 pair (LARGEONE) its $104.80.

PayPal fees are 2.9% + .30 per transaction. Shipping is $16

I will make sure everyone gets their URB's prior to Moab, or at the very least on Thursday night in Moab. I'll be on the Kokopelli Run and should be pulling into Moab Thursday afternoon.

I have to pick up some parts from Stevenson West next week, so we may be able to work out a meeting. Or, I'll try and make a Northside Breakfast and can make the handoff there for you NS'ers.

I'll PM everyone my Paypal address. I'll be floating the $550 $600 out there from my Moab/Montana spending cash funds, so please don't leave me hanging for too long.

If there is anything else you'd like to order from Jonesy's, I can email Joel your info to show you're in the GB, and he would probably include the URB's in your order and ship it right to your door. In that case you'd probably pay Jonesys directly, but I'll confirm this tomorrow. I don't believe they want to deal with ten different URB orders at the price we're getting them though, so unless you're buying other things, it's best for us to make one payment and distribute them ourselves.

We're getting a pretty hefty discount, so thanks to Jonesy's Offroad for doing this for us.
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