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Originally Posted by nattybumppo View Post
Dan Silbaugh is our diesel guy. He has rebuilt one himself, and he lives at altitude. His seems to run pretty well. But if you really want to go up to the tunnel at 65, you might be shopping for something other than a 40 series. There are a few 45 mph stretches in there for most of us 40 guys.
Nah. A 3B with a turbo will be just fine. I could do 53mph up to the Eisenhower from the west side in the middle of the day in August. Temperature is the limiting factor, not power. At night, or in cooler temperatures I could easily keep up with traffic, if not pass a few at 65mph... And that was with a tired engine...

I wouldn't even ask about putting a turbo on it. ALL diesels should have turbo's, in my opinion. ALWAYS. And yes, $2-3K is a pretty good ballpark for a turbo setup, although you could probably beat that by a good margin with some careful shopping. Look up "Diesel42" on ih8MUD, he was selling some real nice 3B turbo kits based on the GT2052--which is a nearly perfect match for the engine.

5K to rebuild sounds a bit high to me. I would ballpark $1K per cylinder. But, it's been a while since I rebuilt a full engine. In fact, our 3B is getting rebuilt this winter, but we don't have all the bills in yet (and my Dad got motivated to learn how to rebuild his engine, so it may be a slower process than it should be).

Have you called Robbie? I'd be willing to bet he can rebuild a 3B real easily. They are VERY simple engines, and Robbie is a very talented mechanic. I'd send the business to him if he's got time.

Other options: find a 13BT to swap into it. Basically a 3B, with a turbo--but with the benefits of direct injection. Makes for easier starting in the cold, and should run cooler up the hills--but the end power is about the same.

If you can pull the engine yourself, you can rebuild it yourself. Seriously. The machining gets done at a machine shop, but the rest of it is simply careful assembly. It really isn't rocket science, just have to pay attention to the FSM and be very detail oriented about everything. That said, if you're intimidated by an engine overhaul, it's probably best to outshop that, or hire someone to come check your work with the most important parts.

If you had the engine out of the truck, I'd offer to help you rebuild it (and here's where my wife would roll her eyes and ask if I have time to finish my own projects, let alone help others) this summer or fall.

Long story short, a 40 with a 3B and Turbo is a wicked nice daily driver. Efficient, powerful enough, and, well, a 40! I LOVED daily driving the 40 with the 3B/Turbo for the two months I had it up here (it belongs to my father in NM, but I wanted to shake it down for him). One of these days (about number eleventy trillion on the list) I'll build another one like it for my wife and I to use as a daily driver. If the engine rebuild gets completed sometime soon, I'm sure we will have it up here in CO again for a while, and I'd happilly let you take it for a spin to see the 3B/Turbo drivability.

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