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Default equipment

So there are two basic types of radios that you should consider, as I see it; HT's and mobile rigs. Here's your layman definition:

HT's are handy-talkies, or hand-held radios. They are battery powered, they can clip to your belt, get tossed in a back pack, and are easily portable. They are the worst at transmitting (very low power, and poor antennas), some of the most difficult things in the world to learn to operate, they require tons of accessories to make them more useful (chargers, hand mics, battery packs, external antenna adapters, etc.) and are easily lost. But they're sweet for having around camp, spotting vehicles, and monitoring traffic. My opinion is everyone should have a cheap one, just because you can. Here's my favorite, the Yaesu VX-3r.

Mobile Rigs are dedicated radios you're going to bolt to your truck. These are superior to HT's in every single way, except that you can't easily rip them out of the vehicle. But they will receive better, transmit better, and are generally easier to learn to operate. Here's a picture of a Yaesu FT-2900, which is a rock solid, good quality mobile radio:

My recommendation/opinion: Spend your money on your mobile rig. Get a solid radio & a good antenna. If you still want to play, then consider an HT. But a cheap HT & a good mobile setup is infinitely superior to an expensive HT and a crappy mobile setup.
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