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little more done tonight

I sanded the fenders good and shot some primer on them, I also trimmed them out for my LED's in the front and got those mounted. Yesterday I put some bondo on the rears, I think I need another light coat over the gas door I welded over. I apparently mixed up my ram assist lines, so I fixed that and bled out the system.

Here's one for someone who knows more than me...I filled the radiator with coolant and fired it up. I left the cap off, and let it run to get up to temp. It finally got I guess to temp and it started spewing coolant, like a geyser I shut it off and it stopped. Then I put the cap on, and repeated. I opened the cap once I shut it off really slowly and then re-filled and it seems ok?

What would cause that? I've seen plenty of times where the level will just drop when the t-stat opens and you add more, never saw old faithful

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