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Got my UV-3r in the mail today, you guys get yours? At first glance it's a very close approximation to the Yausu VX-3, not exact as it has less buttons, not quite as intuitive, etc. but heck, it's dang close. And it's got a flashlight.

What else is cool is the threads are normal for the antenna, which means my other HT antennas will screw right on. Still not sure why they had to reverse the threads on the UV-5. Also it takes the same charger as the Yaesu, which means one less charger to bring along. It's got a cradle, but it's not a charging dock like the 5, really just a holder, that will also charge the battery if you remove it (like a digital camera battery charger).

I will fire up the laptop and see how the programming goes..
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