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Originally Posted by Beater View Post
well, with gas, it's not set it and forget it. You need several tips, different gas pressures, etc etc etc. My main point is that with one unit, and a third of the cost of a multi-process machine, you can use it for more than anything else.

welding with gas is just like tig. tig gets way hot too ya know...

I haven't done much tig welding, but the difference I noticed was that the TIG torch was WAY hotter than the gas, so the melting occurred immediately, and did not require any form of pre-heating.

When I've welded gas, I've had to go up and down the joint a bunch with the torch, heating to near red hot, and then weld, for any decent penetration to happen. Not only does the weld itself take about 10 times longer to do, but that excess heating seems to cause far more warping.

I have no doubt I'm doing it wrong, but I never had the patience to learn it, since MIG is so much faster.

For my needs, the speed and ease of using the MIG was far more important than the "weld anywhere" portability that a gas set up affords an experienced welder.

Now, perhaps there is a good way to do sheet metal with a gas setup, and that I would be VERY happy to learn, because MIGs seem to suck at sheet metal work.

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