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isaac - you're missing the point - my point is to learn gas, then you can do any process better. Gas is all about puddle control, and even the gas flow comes into play with the puddle. it's very tricky stuff. but, when you can learn to control the heat with gas, you can do way more on stick/Tig when you switch over.

most people use way too much gas pressure on oxy/fuel, and the wrong size tip. Plus, you really have to pay attention to prep, just like on tig/stick.

mig is wayyyy too easy imho.. it takes work to learn how to get-r-done on gas, and it only benefits you on the other processes.

as for sheet with mig, go 110 with low voltage, or go to a really big 220v machine, that has the capability to go real low. a 110v hobby welder with gas and .023 will do wonders on sheet, but you do have to move really quick and increase your gaps.
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