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The pics didn't work for me.

If you've already got the head off, you're halfway done with the disassembly.

If it were me, I'd get ahold of Engines Australia and get a rebuild kit on the way.


Originally Posted by BJ42Cruiser View Post
Well, I have some good and news and I have some bad news. Good news is, I didn't find any carnage under the cylinder head. Bad news is, I didn't find any carnage under the cylinder head! Check out the pics and tell me what you guys think.

So here is what we know so far.

- 1981 BJ42 (New Zealand),370,000km, 4 speed, inline injection pump
- Stopped while accelerating in 1st gear from a stop light and then died
- Confirmed crankshaft will not manually turn (in neutral)
- Compression was done with a compression tester and confirmed to be in the low 300's (prior to breakdown)
- Believed to have low oil pressure as after running long and hard on a highway and then coming to a stop once off the highway it would usually die and continue to die everytime engine was allowed to idle.
- Engine has white smoke especially during start up and could last for several minutes even when it was worm out.
- Crankcase ventilation leaked a small amount of oil and always emitted a little smoke.
- Developed a slight tick in the engine maybe a 100km prior to the engine seizing. Could always be heard better at high rpm's.

One other thing that may be a huge or may be nothing at all. Just prior to the engine seizing while sitting at the light. I moved from 2 wheel drive to four wheel drive and then back into 2 wheel drive without ever moving the cruiser. It was one thing that I didn't check with the engine tick sound and thought that it maybe could be something in the linkage. Could this possibly lock the engine?

Well, what is the next step. Willing to tear this baby apart, as it needed it anyways. Thanks for all of your help!
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