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Default Ft60 For Sale


Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Did anyone here pawn their FT-60?

The display says 'FERN 1', which might mean Ferndale. I put together a couple of radio memories with the repeaters between here and the Rubicon, called the ones in Ferndale, CA, 'FERN 1' and 'FERN 2'. Just curious.
I have not yet sold my ft60, but all the public safety freqs are in it so I can monitor inter agency traffic when on assignment with boulder county sheriff. FERN is a group of coordinated freqs for fire dept interop comms for mutual aid.

Anyhoo…my ft60 is available for $99 obo. Includes AA pack, factory duck antenna and pdf manual (paper manual if I can find it). It will go on CL eventually. It works great but we went to D-Star at the sheriff's office so it should go to a new home so I can afford the gps bits for my new IC92AD.
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