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Default yep. it sure is.

Originally Posted by daveIT View Post
So this is a separate radio from what you run for normal comms?

Anyone messed with this Android APRS app?

I have the app, but haven't built a cable & hooked it to radio yet...'s a separate radio. so in my 60 I have the ft-8900 for my 'cockpit' radio and the 2500 is mounted in the back with the APRS junk plugged into it. I have the mic stored as well, just in case my other radio craps out.

At one point those 350's were a smokin' deal. I wish I picked one up. I do, on occaision get interference (zzzt...zzzzt....zzzzt) but the reality is my Fridge is creating so much I don't notice any APRS noise anymore.
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