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Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
Sometimes I think you guys just like over complicating things for the sport of it.

I'm not sure why you guys are dogging on quick links, some of them ARE rated and are even supplied by Reese as a product intended for towing.
Oh, I agree. For me I guess is the challenge is to fabricate something that looks super clean and is still as strong or stronger than the standard solutions. So yes there is some sport to it

I used the quick links on my other trailer (3/8") and I'm not against using them, but on this project I'm trying not to. My only complaint is that for any given size the quick link is rated at about half that of the chain(grade 70). I plan to use 5/16" chain so the quick link in this case is rated at 2200lbs. That's a little under the gross trailer weight but with two in the system I should be good if I go that way. Anything will be better than the 1/8" chain that came on the trailer And in addition to the lack of strength my current chains are just too short.
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