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Default Idaho Springs Tunnel

Wasn't sure if this should go into chat or event planning but here it is since the trek to Moab begins soon for many of us...
We drove to Santa Fe, NM, this past week and went the 285 route on the way down. Came back yesterday via Leadville and then I-70 the rest of the way home. OMG! This was our first exposure to the work being done at the twin tunnels just east of Idaho Springs and it wasn't pretty at 6 pm. East bound on a Sunday afternoon can be a traffic pain but wasn't too bad but west bound was an unbelievable parking lot. Stop and go back ups all the way to the top of Floyd Hill with traffic barely moving at the entrance to the tunnel. Sunday evening west bound on I-70 is usually really light and I imagine that during a weekday it will only be heavier. If that is the case, add an hour or even longer to your trip plans for getting from Denver to Moab in the near future. Ugh.
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