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To dave's point, many years ago when I had my first porsche, there was a theft ring that came to town. (denver has always been a target for porsche theft - always near the top in p-car's per capita)

my car was equipped with an immobilizer but that's why I wasn't worried. Their mo was to drive a shipping truck up to the parking garages or area and to use a flatbed to bring it out to the shipping truck.

Moral of the story, if they want it, they will take it. The truly sucky, evil ones are the crack/meth head tweakers or joy-riders who will ruin or destroy your stuff then give it back to you.

I parked it out in front of my house then occasionally, but when I did, I never locked it. To my point, glass was rare and expensive, and I would rather they took the whole thing rather than vandalize it to get something. It had a knob style blaupunkt (on purpose) with a theft plate behind the trim. So about 2am, the alarm goes off, (remember, it was unlocked) and I run down to see a twit run down the street and my quarter window was broken. did I mention that it was unlocked??? only thing in the car were a couple of cassettes on the passenger side floorboard that had slipped out of the case.

I hope it comes home unmolested Justin.
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