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Default Lock

Originally Posted by Squishy! View Post
Shifter lock? How does that work?
It's a modified club. There are more eloquent designs for shifter locks, but I had a club that I wasn't using, so I modified the hook on the handle to pinch in a bit. I throw the truck in 5th, and the club pushes the shifter even tighten in that position, then wedges the handle under the dash and the extended end goes into the seat frame. A picture would explain that better, but it's particular to a 40. You CAN defeat the club, especially mine, but it is a visual deterrant and adds time....and that's all I want. It takes a few seconds to chamber the first round.

That sure won't stop a tow truck, but I figure it cuts out the dirtbag that just carries a screwdriver.

There are other things I do if I have to park in a sketchy area, but I won't list that here.
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