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so...been staring at it for a year now, accumulating ...stuff...

found a complete 2f with a March of 76 production date, (serial number 080859), fits nicely with the May of 76 vehicle date.

Here it is:

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it was a bit rusty. it was cheap.
the guy said it has been sitting in his garage since the mid 80s.

so I took a chance on it...
put a spare hook on the rear to lift it so I could mount it on the stand...

finally found the right orientation of the plate and arms for the stand to fit nice and square and centered without hitting rear main housing etc.

its 12x1.75x80 times 4 plus 4 12mm flat washers per, between block and stands...

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as rusty as it was, I was worried it would be seized, but it cranked over perfectly with very very little pressure on the front nut so I was encouraged.

I was planning on pulling the head to have it gone through, then investigate what the inside looks like while the head was off....

I fought a lot of bolts removing all of the externals so I was a bit concerned what the inside will look like, but it turned over so nicely and the exhaust ports were puffing nicely.

I was more concerned when I pulled the valve cover .....
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