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Default Update

So I finally got my second battery wired. With zippo extra time, I dropped my truck off at Cart Toys on Broadway. 85.00 labor and 70 for cables. Probably a little high priced on the cable but handing someone the keys and going to work at Starbucks , has many advantages over saving a few bucks...

Currently (pun intended) I still have all accessories mounted to my starter 31 DieHard.. Nothing is connected to back up 34 Diehard, except The solenoid and smart chip are connected and secondary ground on back up battery, as well.

The guy at Car toys said so if you leave your radio on, you will still drain your back up battery.. And that got me thinking about the set up.. Called one of my my electrical life lines and we talked about it.. Still not 100% percent. Called the manufacture of the Solenoid and chip and he suggested more items on the back up battery vs the starter..

But I wonder if that is in a traditional model where you have not installed a marine battery for your starter, as well?

My goal, is to always have a charged back up battery and really never use it unless my main is dead. So in this model, I am thinking only thing I need to do is buy the switch that allows the current to draw from the back up battery back to the starter? Essentially a manual override to what the chip is providing.

Anyway, I know this is simple stuff to many but I am not so well versed and trying to get my arms around the best design for what I want... A battery that is always ready if I am by myself in the desert and for some reason I have killed my main..

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