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Originally Posted by Moody View Post
Just a heads up, many of the primitive sites in the Moab area require a portable toilet. They will ticket you for it. Same with collecting wood. They don't allow any wood collection. They ticket for that too.

Check out Blue Hills Road. Lots of camping off of that road. It is just off of 191.
Thanks for the heads up... Wag bags is how we roll.. I like the sound of how close this spot is to the event.

Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
I've never found any issue with dogs in the Moab area. Including SRCG. This year I'm at Portal which is directly behind SRCG. But is still a private campground. Just much cleaner.

Any of the BLM campgrounds along the river should suit your needs if you can find a spot. Over the years many of the primitive camping spots have been shut down around the Moab area. Everywhere is over run IMO. Has trash all over, vandalism, etc... Moab has started to bring the suck that way.
Well I hope we can avoid those areas and the ignorant crowds that are ruining them.. Maybe we will find one of the good spots still left...

Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by Beachboy View Post
I always camp at Kens Lake, its a nice area, especially if you have a dog, alot of places to walk, and not too far out of town. Second loop is better than the first. Also realize that most of the campsites along the Colorado River will be full due to the ski areas shutting down and all of the Colorado people head out to Moab.
This spot sounds really cool and close by.. I will be checking it out.. Thanks.
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