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Wow - ouch. I used an off-brand harness ('It's a Snap!'). It doesn't appear to be sold under that name any longer.

Anyway, the 18-circuit one was $120 (years ago) and it worked nicely. The harness is GM-centric, so you may have to add one wire to get it to play with a Toyota turn signal harness. If I did it again, I'd order several more circuits than I think I would need. I had to splice on every single Toyota connector and do a number of mods, which you'd have to do with all of them. In my case, I rewired a '65 FJ45 from end to end.

I wouldn't be afraid to try an off-brand harness, as long as it is US-made and has labeled wires. In some cases, Painless is about 3x the cost of the competition, which seems like a huge premium.
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