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What is your intention here?

Those SWL Rockmites are pretty fun kits but extremely limiting. You're not only talking one band, but one frequency (I think the crystal for 40m is 7.040Mhz, for example). They dissipate about 1 watt of power. To say making contacts with them is challenging is an understatement.

I don't do CW (one of those things I really, really mean to learn), but most of my QRP phone contacts have been on 20m. Not that you can't do them in other bands, but 20m propagates most reliability and the antennas are still reasonably efficient and portable. At home I have no moral dilemma, QRO all the way!

Tell you what, though, I need a major kick in the pants to finish some things radio-wise. A couple are to get a decent HF antenna set back up and the other is to learn Morse. So being that 40m is better for regional contacts and you have 40m privileges on CW, we could set up a sked to learn together.

I think for something locally like that 1W could work. I think you might be happier overall having something with more power. QRP (especially QRP-L) is a challenge alone even without dealing with antennas and operating. I generally recommend when asked to get something with 100W as your first HF rig to avoid the frustration of making contacts. I think your money is better spent finding a used FT-857 or IC-706 personally, if you want something small.

We could always use VHF as a back-up, even a repeater if pressed. But learning CW on HF seems more right.
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