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I'd like something I can take along on a field day to try out some CW. Thinking more about the RockMites...since they only seem to be for the calling freq they wouldn't really work for ragchew...since folks usually meet up there & then move freqs.

I've been looking at the FT-817/57/97, but will need to save up some $ for those! You can alwas crank those down to 5W for some QRP action. There's a ham (NOAMY) here in COS that has 706 and 706mkII on ebay & CL, but if I buy a rig like that I want to have 70cm ability.

I plan to learn Morse and get my General ticket. My priority right now is finishing up 3 more classes for my Bachelors degree and taking a few CLEPs. I hope to have that done by October at the earliest and end of year at latest. After that crap is over I'll have time to go back & learn fun ham stuff and start guitar lessons again (and I want to learn how to weld!)

I think it would be cool to learn CW along with some folks! I recently started practicing with a Koch method app on my phone. Trying for 15 mins a day at lunch...I'm trying to learn at 20/15 but can't seem to write the stuff down fast enough, so I might slow it down a bit. I also printed out the General question pool to start learning those.
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