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The 706mkII has 70cm, doesn't it? I know there is a 706 with UHF. I wouldn't be too concerned with it if an Elmer offers something like that at a fair price, I'd go for it. My first HF radio was an Alinco DX-70TH that had neither 2m or 70cm. You can always upgrade or keep it for a back up.

I know the call sign N0AMY, although can't say I've ever eyeball QSO'd with him AFAIK.

QRP and more so QRP-L (which is one watt or less) are more about just making contacts than conversations. That is part of the reason I try to steer new hams away from the FT-817 and QRP in general, it can be really frustrating. It's geeky and technical fun, but you don't ragchew and you have to be patient.
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