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Understood. If you're doing a go-box I'd probably keep the HF and V/UHF radios separate anyway. With any of the all mode, all band radios you can only be doing one thing at a time so it's a lot of wasted HF capability just to get 70cm FM. There are loads of dual band and used single band UHF radios that could be used.

Like a Kenwood TK-840 for like $50

Or a Motorola SM-120 for $65 or less

There are tons of old UHF radios like this since all the agencies are moving to 900MHz and narrowband, so they have to remove the old Motorola and Kenwood and Vertex VHF and UHF radios. In particular there are tons of wideband business and emergency service radios, which are useless to anyone but hams now.
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