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thanks! the tires are 285 75 16 so I do think it has a 1.5" lift. Just picked up Amber's LX from the dealer (safety recall on the steering shaft) I will measure the heights when I get home.

And I didn't really buy it just for CM...I needed a new vehicle anyway. I sold my Jetta last year because I was traveling every week for work, and did not make sense to pay to park it at DIA every week. I did the math, and since I get great deals on rental cars (and they treat we very very well because I rent so much...pretty much get to pick whatever I want from the lot) and it was cheaper to get a rental every week than to pay for parking, AND it was paid for! Now I am working from home about 75% of the time, so the math did not work out anymore...and I missed having a trail rig. So happy birthday to me! I am off to Slee to get some goodies...anyone need me to pick anything up? I will be in Denver tomorrow helping to load the CM trailer so I could deliver...
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