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So since I'm really bored and haven't' anything else to do this weekend. I'm going to run down 285 today and check out the road to Red Cone, (3927'24.37"N, 10543'17.80"W) just see how far I can get, maybe take some pictures. I'll report back. I'm sure it's blocked with snow (big surprise). But I'm also going to go out to Kenosha pass (3924'44.81"N, 10545'29.22"W) and see what's up with the road to North Twin Cone Peak. (3925'42.07"N, 10542'7.97"W) I'd like to see what's going on there.
I'll leave my CB on Ch 19 just in case.
*(Edit) See other trip report thread for report on this afternoon.*

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