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Default Scouting Trip Report (4-27-13)

So I went out 285 today to check out some stuff.
Went up the Guanella Pass Road. It's clear up to Geneva campground and then there's patchy snow and Ice on the road until the "winter gate" which is of course closed, at Duck Lake. (3934'30.7"N, 10543'34.6"W)@11,224ft. There are several stranded and abandoned cars up here. Seems like some people had a "derp" moment.

Bruno Gulch Rd and CR 1038 (Geneva Creek Rd.) both take off of Guanella Pass Rd at (3931'34.11"N, 10543'53.53"W).
Bruno Gulch Rd is a muddy mess. But lots of fun to just run down real fast.
Geneva Creek Rd (CR 1038) Is also a muddy disaster, but was lots of fun. And as of today, was drivable up to (3933'14.1"N, 10545'19.2"W)@10,030ft, where the snow became too deep for me to keep going. But someone with better tires would be able to keep going.

I drove up the road to Red Cone, CR 60, to the HandCart Campground. The road is drivable to here (3929'0.18"N, 10548'14.09"W) Which is ALMOST to the Red Cone trail head. Someone had gone on through the snow, but who's to say how far they got.

Then I drove up to Kenosha Pass. And tried out the road to North Twin Cone Peak. The road was really wet but the snow was just patchy. I was really hoping I could make it up pretty far. I got about half way before the snow got too deep. Had to stop at (3924'33.67"N, 10543'16.14"W) @11,000ft.

**I've included these Lat & Long Coords on the assumption that you guys have Google Earth. I've noticed a discrepancy between the Google Earth Coords and my GPS Coords sometimes... Not really sure what's up there. But yeah, they don't always match up perfectly. Has anyone else run into issues with that?

Going up Guanella Pass Rd.

Campground at Bruno Gulch Rd.

Geneva Creek Rd.
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