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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
Many old FJs won't exactly go 65 around Dillon, so join the club in the slow lane. Blow the doors off an old VW Bus if you need to feel the power you have! ;-).
Man, it's not just old Cruisers. I have all that modern crap, EFI, electronic ignition, etc. and I slow down traffic in the semi lane.

At some point you give in and accept your fate, then you sit back and enjoy the ride. It's sort of your Neo moment, when you see the Matrix and understand. You pity the stressed out people you're holding up in a hurry to pass to get back to their generic America. You no longer see the flashed headlights or one finger salutes. The manufactured, artificial world blurs and disappears around you, the music coming from your speakers sounds richer, you stop hearing the pinging from crap gas, the worn out speedometer cable grinding. You see, really see, the beauty of the world around you and realize that eeking out that extra few MPH just ain't important anymore and you'll get there when you get there.
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