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This weekend it was finally warm/thawed enough to get out and address some of the issues I've noticed since I got Rando running. I added oil to the steering box, adjusted the lift gate lock, and most importantly addressed the fuel leak in the cab.

It was a lot worse than I thought... It smelled of gas, which is annoying to me, but it appears I've been somewhat desensitized. My business partner took ill when he rode with me in the car last... So... I guess I wasn't too surprised when it was far worse than anticipated. There was at least a pint of gas sitting under the tank after the truck had been sitting for a few days, and a good portion of the paint on the bottom of the tank had melted and was peeling off (luckily the primer stood up to the abuse). I drained the tank, took everything out, and inspected it all. The emissions check valve was virtually split down the middle on one side (conveniently the side facing the fender as to make it invisible during previous inspections), and spewed gas into the cab whenever there was vacuum to pull it... Had it not been for everything being so loud, I have no doubt there would have been a very audible sucking/gurgling sound. Seriously, it was a lot of gas and I'm a bit concerned that it didn't bother me more than it did.

Anyway, I went to every FLAPS chain I'm aware of (AutoZone, O'Reilly, Advanced, NAPA, and finally Stevinson Toyota) and the part is just not existent. I ended up getting a fuel filter with the proper fittings to put in place of the check valve as a stopgap. I'm going to be doing a diesel swap in the not too distant future, so I'm not sure if I really want to go beyond stopgap, but that's where we stand.

Meanwhile, for those curious about the jetting exercise, fuel economy has been steady at around 14 mpg. Since the last tank, mileage has been 13.73, 14.11, and 13.45 (I don't drive a whole lot). I'm curious to see what it does now that I've fixed the very obvious fuel leak and the weather is warming up.
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