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LOL... Sam isn't a racey kind of guy. He is the most gentle, quiet and reflective beastie on this place. Yesterday Luke the yearling (who is amusingly TINY in comparison) tried all the horse pecking order dominance stuff with Sam. I was a bit concerned, but all Sam did was do a gentle push-kick correction and a lippy bite - if you could call it that - to stop Luke from nipping his hocks, forelegs, and groin. Luke even tried to climb on Sam (another dominance thing). Pretty amusing... all I could see was two tiny hoofs and a tiny muzzle reaching up on his back from the other side.

I think the cow could get it off if she wanted. It wasn't stuck, and it is large enough to easily admit her head. She is the herd cow... She seemed to 'strut' with it as she led the herd.

I think she thinks it is a status symbol.
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