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Originally Posted by Firetacoma View Post
Ok, slowly getting things back together. I was frustrated by the fact that I had to remove the water pump to get the top timing cover bolt off. I tried a screw driver but it was stripping. argh.

But I got it off, all looked ok underneath, there was a LOT of an RTV like substance around the plate. I decided not to dig into it at this time. I know that's probably where the leak is and that it's still going to leak, I just don't have the know-how to tear in that deep.

So, I started to button it all back up. 2 things:
1. Why do I have to put the pully back on before torquing down the cover bolts? I did it because it's recommended, but I don't understand the need.
They recommend this sequence so that the seal can center around the harmonic balancer shaft. With the cover bolts loose, there is some float for the seal and cover as you install the harmonic balancer. If you were to tighten up the cover bolts and the seal was just a tad off center - it would result in pre-mature wearing of the seal and a leak.

Originally Posted by Firetacoma View Post
2. I don't have a torque wrench that could possibly fit behind the pulley. So I got them "snug" but not too tight. Good enough?
The tourque spec for these is inch pounds, you can always tighten it up a bit if needed. Using FIPG, you are likely just where you need to be with "snug".

Originally Posted by Firetacoma View Post
Now to get a new water pump gasket and probably some new hoses and see if this project at least REDUCED the leaking.
Get it buttoned up, run it and then monitor it closely. All the new parts you put in should be leak free.
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