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Thanks for the good advice and the offer to let me try your KDX too!

I looked at a couple other bikes and I actually settled on a CRF150RB expert. I know it was advised against, but I found the size to feel incredibly comfortable being able to tip toe on both sides of the bike. I definitely want to feel like I'm riding the bike not the other way around for my foray back into dirt. I was able to get a screaming deal on the bike for $1k less than book because the family is moving to Alaska on Friday. I dropped it off to get new fork seals, and a clutch seal and a couple other small things at the shop. I should be ready to ride in a week's time! I figure I'll put a couple hundred miles on it getting really comfortable again, then I can get rid of it for at least as much as I paid if not making a couple benjamins.
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