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Originally Posted by Shotshell View Post
And you may want to consider a respirator of some kind. I understand there is still asbestos down there. Shouldn't be a problem as long as we're not kicking it up all over the place. But it's something to consider.
Also, you should all know that there is a good chance there will be Radon gas down there. So we may want to limit our time underground. Probably no more than an hour or so.
I'm not trying to freak you guys out, but I just think you should know, before you go.
You should also know that some versions of the Titans used hydrazine fuel. Not sure how well the silos were cleaned after the USAF abandoned the sites but I would avoid liquids as best as possible. It's pretty safe to bet that any silo that did not blow up (the problem with Titan I was that it's RP-1/liquid oxygen was unstable and exploded in the tube) used Aerozine, thus being stable at room temperature but very toxic.
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