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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
I dunno Barry, seems like a good deal to me? Those bumpers, sliders, lift, and PM make up the 5K difference to me...

After Moab I can't stop looking at these things, it could very well be our next direction here as well. I need to drive one though and make sure it's big enough, also curious if my drawers would fit in back (with some side panel trimming). These things are the same as 100's though- in 2003 you got the 5 speed, and in 2005 the vvti engine. There's a 2008 right now on cargurus for like $25k, which looks pretty dang clean. I've never owned a truck with less than 100k miles though so not sure I'm worthy..
Okay, I take that back. It is a good deal....great if you like everything he did.
Most guys like to build their own version, with tires they like, etc.
I do like some of what he did, but I would change some too.

One I linked has 125k on it, it's an 03 with 5spd, no NAV. Timing belt done, and dealer's never advertise their lowest price.

Built rig has 141k on it, also an 03, also timing belt.

Let's say you could get the local one for $6k less with 16k less miles. I give $1k per 10k miles value/devalue, so that makes it "$7.5k" less.
So rounding heavily:
tires 1200
front bump 1200
winch 800
Lift 1200
Slides 1200
Rear bump 1200
Gamaviti rack 1000

That's ~$7,800 in mods that are brand new and I got to choose the design.
He has a couple more things, but dunno if I would do them.

Now, factor in labor and that's a pretty good deal. If you LOVE what he did, no brainer then.
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