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Originally Posted by DenCo40 View Post
If so, I would like to take a look at the connections. i.e. vent and fuel return lines. I am installing one I picked up on MUD. I am planning on keeping it as simple as I can with a manual three way valve. I have already read the instruction manual on the internet and it's pretty confusing to me. I do much better if I see one installed.
I have one on my parts shelf, but its uninstalled. I have a copy of the con-ferr installation instructions. 3 connections... fuel line, return, and vent. I will try to dig up the PDF, shoot me your email in a PM and I will get it over if I can find it.

The guy who ran Downey Off road also had a PDF copy, I think thats who I got it from, he bought the design of Con-Ferr when they went under.
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