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Default Slaughterhouse Gulch rescue Wed 5/15

A Denver 100 Series guy posted on MUD that he blew the front diff on Slaughterhouse and his truck is still up there. I believe he's new to the area (don't know him or his wheeling/mechanical abilities) but I think he could use some help pulling the ds and flanges so he can get home in 2wd. He posted that he planned on camping there, but if it's just a matter of removing the DS and flanges, he'll be ready to roll fairly quickly.

Me and Big Country are gonna head up tomorrow afternoon and give him a hand and hopefully run the loop.

If anything, it's a good excuse to do a quick run and show a potential new RS/TLCA member what Rising Sun is all about.

Plans are somewhat tenative at the moment, but I'm thinking meeting at either the Aspen Park King Soopers or the gas station where you make the right off 285 towards SH (someone will have to remind me of the name of that place) at 3pm. That may change depending on whether we run the loop before or after the repair. Loaf N Jug at 3pm, Google map info posted below.... He's at the bottom of the big hill, so maybe just run the hill once or twice and then I'll follow him back out the way we came to be sure he makes it out. (Depending on any snow/ice that may be left)
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